AURA Philosophy

• Educational Upgrading of our entire staff due to training and providing up-to-date tools.

• Encourage to Outperform and benefit solutions by the management and the board.

• Social Responsibility inside and outside the AURA-Community.

• International Orientation As an international acting company we believe that globalization is essential to economic development and successful cooperation.

• Respect of any Human Being at any time no matter which culture, skin or education.

• Innovation is the Key to Success. Besides using advanced technologies of our suppliers, such as latest software tools, and supporting our suppliers’ development projects, we are also developing our own software for calculation and design.

• Satisfied Clients are the most valuable and highest reference we enjoy. We are proud of our products and of our successful contribution to our clients projects.

• Long Time Relationship AURA is seeking long time relationship with our clients, suppliers and service providers based on understanding of partnership and in order to achieve stable and mutual benefit.

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