Fired Heater

AKL (Horizontal) / AKS (Vertical)

Power range:
100 kW (0.3 MBtu/h) to 25000 kW (85 MBtu/h)

Natural gas, LPG, process gases, light fuel oil (diesel), heavy oil, crude oil;
Supply line temperature:
Max. up to 380°C / 720°F
(Max. up to 400°C / 750°F with suitable heat transfer medium or vapor)

Water and steam are typically used as heat transfer medium in heating systems. But at high temperatures, water and steam require a corresponding high operating pressure. In industrial heating systems, a high temperature level is often of a great advantage, and establishing this with water and steam can be very controversial and expensive.

In thermal oil heaters, special oil is used instead as a heat carrier instead, operating at atmospheric pressure up to 300°C / 570°F. Compared to water and steam, it would require a pressure of 85bar(1230psi) to reach this temperature.

The major quality feature is that thermal oil runs through the boiler rear wall, and simultaneously cools it. Thus, a very long durability is achieved, because the temperature differences, which emerge due to a frequent start and shut-off of the burner flame, do not have any negative effects on the boiler rear wall. This is contrary to boilers with concrete rear walls, where the material cracks in the course of time, and has to be renewed. AURA boilers do not require any renewal. Boilers with concrete rear walls have the disadvantage of storing a lot of high-temperature heat. If the circulation pump stops, for instance during power failures, the heat is transmitted to the thermal oil, which will cause a safety hazard of overheating and cracking.

Particularly noteworthy is the special design of the coil inside the heater, ensuring thermal expansion with low stress.

All products by AURA are thermodynamically optimized,and characterized by high efficiency and excellent heat transfer to the thermal oil.


There are several advantages of using thermal oil compared to e.g. steam systems. The most obvious are:

Hightemperatures of up to 300°C/ 570°F at positivepressure

Optionaltemperature level set-points

Noequipment for pre-treatment of boiler feed water

Noheat loss due to hot condensate and flash steam

Norisk of corrosion and no risk of freezing damages

Lowmaintenance costs

Lownoise in operation

Easyto operate

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