Electric Heater

Power range:
20 kW (0.07 MBtu/h) to 3000kW (10 MBtu/h)

Supply line temperature:
Max. up to 350°C / 660°F
(Max. up to 400°C / 750°F with suitable heat transfer medium or vapor)

No boiler installation, no emissions, no need to follow boiler regulations and authorization for operation;

Gentle heating of thermal oil, using heating elements which are designed for low surface load;

The service life of thermal oil can be prolonged by the means of advanced film temperature control;

Relatively smaller space required for installation and operation;

Electric plug-in heating element, easily for maintenance;

Pre-heat temperature available in two, three or multi-step increments;
Safety equipment conforms to DIN 4754, VDI3033, VDE 0100, accident prevention regulations, EN 292.

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