Water Bath Heater

Power range:
100 kW (0.3 MBtu/h) to 10000 kW (34 MBtu/h)

Natural gas, LPG, process gases, light fuel oil (diesel), heavy oil, crude oil;

AURA water bath heaters are fully automatic, directly heated devices that have been specifically designed for heating natural gas and crude oil through higher pressure section.
If injector burners are used, no separate power supply is needed for the operation;
If forced-air burners are used, a suitable electric power supply must be provided;
As for natural gas, the purpose of AURA water bath heaters is to preheat the natural gas before expansion in a pressure reducing station, thus preventing the gas temperature from falling below the freezing point.
AURA water bath heaters are of weatherproof design suitable for outdoor installation.

Operating principle

The water inside a horizontal vessel is heated by fired burner through burning channel, and the natural gas or crude oil in tube bundle or high pressure coil are heated by hot water.The pressurized water vessel, where water can be even heated beyond the 100°C / 210°F mark, makes it possible to achieve a compact-sized heater design.

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